Be the blade of grass

Even this doesn't stop a blade of grass

So, I’ve been mowing the lawn this morning and it got me thinking:

Nobody told each and every one of these blades of grass to grow so tall and green – they just did it – and what a great job they have done too!  So why is it so difficult for a human being to take the actions required to be as successful as a blade of grass?

The answer is that the blade of grass doesn’t know any different.  It is 100% committed to being the best blade of grass it can be.  There are no questions, no doubts, and no alternatives.

I’ve just been all over the lawn and sliced the top off each and every one of those blades of grass but it will do nothing to dampen their resolve.  They will keep growing.  Even the snow and cold temperatures of this winter have made no difference.  I’ve even tried covering the lawn in weed barrier, concrete, pebbles and decking.  Whatever I do, a blade of grass will find a way through to reach for the sun.

The only reason that each one of us is not as successful as we can be is because we have not yet got that unshakable 100% commitment to reach our full potential.  All it takes is that unconquerable believe that we can be a success and nothing will stand in our way.  Like the blade of grass we may find ourselves cut down but we just get up and keep growing – because we know of no other option.

Everything will fall into place if we just learn to be that blade of grass.


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